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Backwash Filter

  • Automatic Screen Filter Backwash Strainer

    Automatic Screen Filter Backwash Strainer

    A uto backwash water filter introduction INOCO XF-F series automatic back washing sucking filter provides fully automatic back washing clean operations in industry application, and it can continuously separate impurities from water and other liquid. The maintenance and...

  • Automatic Backwash Filter Candle Filter

    Automatic Backwash Filter Candle Filter

    C andle filter (Model:INOCO-DS-A7) introduction The candle filter is, as all pressure filters, may be seen in process lines handling titanium dioxide, flue gas, brine clarification, red mud, china clay, fine chemicals and many other applications that require efficient low...

  • Strainer Industrial Element Filter

    Strainer Industrial Element Filter

    E lement filter i ntroduction INOCO-DS-G1 porous metal sintered backwash filter system is available for high temperature, high pressure and high solid material which is adopted three cleaning method, back washing, blasting, ultrasonic to achieve continuous automatic...

  • Cross Flow Filter Backflushwater Purification Systems

    Cross Flow Filter Backflushwater Purification Systems

    Cross-flow filter backflush introduction INOCO ISE back flush filter adopts cross-flow filter from the inside to the outside, mainly used in filter micron solids particles from liquid. Cross-flow filter is fitted with stainless steel sintered porous elements, which is...

  • Industrial Air Cartridge Filter

    Industrial Air Cartridge Filter

    Gas backwash filter introduction In the compressed air online filtration, new energy silcon powder filtration, high temperature high pressure coal gas filtration etc. applications, INOCO DS-G2 model backwashing filter housing with relevant filter element have showed the good...

  • Micro Porous Back Filter

    Micro Porous Back Filter

    Micro porous filter introduction INOCO-DS-A model Micro porous filter uses the high molecular porous sintered filter element as the core technical filter , the filter is composed of filter body ,filter element , control system, backwash system , chemical regeneration system,...

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